Cricket Games – Perfect Way to Spend Spare Time


Most of us like playing cricket on cell phones, portable play stations, PC, and many other means. Playing a cricket video game is really very stirring and it is a perfect way to spend spare time. Most of the developers are also cricket fans and they bring realism and superior facts in their designs. Cricket video games are rich in graphics and animation.

There are lots of cricket fans who desire to get associated somehow with a cricket game. They can also enjoy virtual cricket, especially those games that are advanced.

Video games have a different level of difficulties that are exigent and long lasting. You have to control batsmen, bowlers and fielders. Cricket video games have options for selecting one-day matches, Test matches, internationals and many more. Most of the cricket fans play video games to connect themselves with cricket. Playing video game is the best source of enjoyment and you can also enjoy it with your friends.

Video games have the choice of single-players as well as multi-players. So if you want to play with your friends it will be more excitable for you. There is one advantage in playing video games that if your player is not doing well you can replace your player without hurting any body's emotion.

With the advancement in technology, you can also find games on the Internet. Internet has made it very easy for those people who do not have sufficient funds for purchasing CDs and DVDs. You do not need to pay extra for these games because there are many sites that offer free cricket games . It saves your time and money. Everything about the game is visible on the website. You can easily download the game at home when you are relaxing at home in your casual wears.

You can go through various websites and download your favorite cricket games.


Source by Alvin Smith

Using Cricket to Promote Online Shopping


Cricket runs in the veins of India. A sport invented by the British , and nurtured in the South Asian heat over last 100 years has become a national passion. Once again it has come over to get its ' Indian fever' through World Cup 2011. This world cup will see the largest ever participation of teams this time.

Like all things India and Indians do, this has come to define what this sport stands for. Indian Premier League fervor with city-based teams and world players jostling to get in a multi-million dollar deals is just one such example .

Another trend that has been spotted during this cricket fever is businesses going out of their way way to become a part of this through a series of contests, freebies and targeted campaigns. Market at this point of time is full of reasonably priced merchandise to attract the Indian cricket fan. Eat, live, breathe and sleep cricket is the trick, hence anything under the sun that has the potential of being branded being being reoriented to suit the palette of Indian cricket fan.

What's spearheading this trend is the amazing number of designer cricket t-shirts that has caught the mood of the cricket frenzy nation. Quite a few of these sports t-shirt offers are available online and also in retail stores across. What is interesting is that these t-shirts are very reasonably priced considering the fact that sports t-shirts are usually very expensive. The most popular color is blue which also happens to be the color of the Indian cricket team.

The fact that cricket is a team game, these t-shirts are also seen as a way of team building in various companies and corporates. One of the popular cricket designs on says 'We Can We Will' which is a perfect one liner for a team t-shirt. The occasion of world cup is being used by many companies to organize cricket matches where customized cricket t-shirts sell like hot cakes.

The youngsters believe in wearing their attitude on their sleeves and cricket t-shirts brings out the best in them. For Indian Cricket fan there is nothing better in the world than wearing a t-shirt that adores Sachin Tendulkar or flaunts the Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni ! The immediate future of these cricket t-shirts will depend heavily on how the Indian cricket team performs in this world cup. I would expect the sales to increase multiple fold if the team goes on play the semi-finals and finals. And if they end up winning the contest, all store owners can expect to run out of stock very soon!


Source by Alok Agarwal

Cricket and Terrorism – Locked in an Eternal War


The heinous serpents of terrorism bit into the fabric of peace as the world witnessed the Mumbai terror attacks claim numerous souls. Every bullet that pierced through the fragile veil of life brought an end of a part inside all of us. One thing that hit me after the initial haze of distress made way to anger and then debate was the fact that the entire sub-continent has born the brunt of a few dehumanised people and one of the aspects that have been fractured time and again is the realm of cricket.

I take cricket because it is more than just a game in this part of a world, it is an extension of our life and any dastardly act of terrorism in our region is bound to affect the sport. We have grown up living under the shadow of cricket and a lot of things that we think and orate emanates from our love for the game which is a part of our day to day routine. What the perpetrators of the attacks managed to do was to cast a bleak shadow of terror on our life and the repercussions were for all to see with major tournaments being either postponed or cancelled.

The English team flew back to their homeland only to realise that it is not just a regional problem and almost every nation is infested with the disease of terrorism in some way or the other and the best way to tackle it would be by refusing to give into fear. Shakespeare rightly said that the show must go on and in these times of widespread hatred, it is the spirit of sports that can be a good deterrent to those who wish to cast lives with trepidation.

The moment the Champions League was postponed, ICL World Series called off and the England squad flew back to their homeland, we could see that the attackers had managed to strike us where it hurts the most.

The sub-continent prides itself when it comes to achieving feats in cricket and the very fact that the sport is suffering a backlash comes as a victory for the criminals.

India has constantly progressed as a powerhouse in cricket over the years and not just the T20 World Cup, overseas victories and the home series clean sweep affirm this fact, even the money generated from the game is huge. A lot of employment comes out from staging events here and it would all fade away if we fail to provide a secure ground for the players.

It is believed by many that the money is a major magnet for foreign teams to come and play here but there comes a time when no amount of money can lure someone to risk their life.

I heard a few people talking the other day and they were of the opinion that Indian cricket team should not tour Pakistan (as if our country is very safe?!!?) and even went to the lengths to assert that since some of the terrorists night be from that region, it would be right not to play against them.

The one thing missing from their mode of thinking was the fact that it is not just us and them, the entire sub-continent is plagued by this phenomenon and other countries would not tour any one of us if the situation persists. We must never forget that violence begets violence and we shall reap hatred if we sow it.

Cricket would definitely be affected by the recent unfolding of events and we will take sometime to return to normalcy but the swift decision by the ECB shows that we can keep faith in our security men and also sends a positive feedback to the world.

I can visualise matches that are set in the backdrop of guards and guns to protect us and the situation will gradually crawl back to where it was, at least for the cricketing world. The point when we seem to be headed back to normalcy is the point when we must be on our best guard.

There have been an array of terrorist acts in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that have left the countries scarred and battered but just like the previous occasions, we have learnt to carry forward our progress and start afresh. If we give into the desires of a handful of mercenaries garbed in the mask of fundamentalism or other hollow claims, what good is freedom to us as we are displaying an inefficiency to maintain it?

We need to show the world that the sub-continent is void of any fear when it comes to facing a few cowards calling themselves avengers of injustice and trying to envelope their hollow sadism with the claim.

Cancelling a tour in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh will not serve any purpose, what needs to be done is to host the events just as we would normally do and ensure that they are carried out successfully with jam packed stadiums and let it be a symbol of our solidarity to the ones filled with hatred.

It is true that the safety of our sportspersons and the ones visiting us is paramount and any untoward incident is just not worth a game, however we can turn the situation on its head by taking it as a challenge to come out with solutions from our understanding of the situation amalgamated with the love of the sport that we possess. Shifting venues seems to be a possible solution right now and I have heard people debating endlessly that a neutral venue is a good option.

What we forget is that right now the terrorists are targeting security in venues as varied as the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai to the Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka. For how long will we run away from these demons?

We must join together beyond boundaries and keep vigil, forget petty acrimonies and help the governments to tackle the problem. We can shift the venues till a point in time when they aren’t safe anywhere, we can cancel tournaments till the game fades away or we can simply take concrete steps to make sure that all are safe and set an example to all that if the world is falling in an abyss of terrorism, the cricket field is the utopia. Double up as not only a mere spectator but as a guard of humanity too. Keep watch active at a sub-conscious level yet enjoy the match as well.

It is not all that un-practical especially when multi-tasking is a thing that all understand and follow!!

Working in tandem with the authorities and devising new ways to combat the handful of enemies would be the right method to emerge victors in this war of humanity. We would be able to come out with the right anecdote to the poison of terrorism only when we stop blaming the ‘other’ for everything and take the onus upon us.

We have always used cricket as our therapy to life’s brunt and who says that we can’t use it as a method to counter terror.

It is simply selfish on our part to blame the government or the intelligence agencies (they have to get their act together at least now anyways!!) as it becomes the duty of you and me to do whatever we can to root out this evil that has emerged as a painful blob in our society. We have to ask ourselves this question…Are we willing to hide in our homes and let the homeland be burnt to ashes or do we have the courage to go out and drive the terrorists out of our soil by our unity and practical thinking. When the ways of a terrorist can be unexpected and unthought-of, why can’t the solutions be unique and effective from our end as well?

There will be apprehensions in the beginning and we might see tours being called off in panic but all that needs to be done is to beef up the security on a mass as well as a personal level. It’s just a matter of realising that the problem is as much as ours as it is for the ones in power and all of us need to do our bit in the endeavour to terminate any form of terrorism on our soils, be it Karachi or Hyderabad.


Source by Kuldeep Salal